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carlo zakers

the guitar wizard

Carlo Zakers has been analyzing and playing Grateful Dead music for over 40 years ...

Carlo played in one of midwest's premier grateful dead cover bands, Perfunctory This Band, since 1987

this experience gives Carlo an insight into grateful dead music that few others would experience ... Carlo's TABS are some of the most thorough, and complete TABs you will find anywhere

​Carlo has been creating video guitar lessons since 2015 ... his lessons some of the most detailed and thorough you will find anywhere.

many lesson websites would break each one of Carlo's lessons into 10 or 20 small lessons, and sell each section for $10 - $20 apiece

Carlo's lessons always includes helpful tips and exercises to help make playing everything very simple until it becomes second nature

Carlo also teaches and plays all styles... southern rock... classic rock ... country ... metal ...

you will find many other guitar lessons on carlos youtube page ...

private lessons available ...

contact with any questions about anything

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER - EXEMPTION FOR FAIR USE - all items for sale on this site were created for strictly educational purposes ... grateful dead guitar lessons does not own the rights to any of the songs ... all songs used in these lessons have been transformed from strictly  entertainment purposes to strictly educational purposes